The Remarkably Double Lucky Elmer Sherwin

The La Mirage Casino in Las Vegas is an iconic place where dreams come true and fortunes happen. Just ten hours after its grand opening in 1989, one Elmer Sherwin – then aged 76 – strolled across to a megabucks slot machine and got ready to spend his last $100 for the day.

He and his wife were children of the Great Depression. They were traveling in their mobile home and surviving on the hope their fortune was going to change before they ran out of money. But it nearly did not happen. Their secret sauce was they just kept trying.

The Day thimages (2)at Elmer Refused to Give In

The megabucks slot machine soaked up the $100 like a sponge. ‘I feel lucky, honey,’ Elmer told his wife. ‘Can you spare me another $20?’ She did. He fed the machine, pulled the lever, and made a few adjustments. The bells rang and the lights flashed. Elmer Sherwin just won the $4.6 million megabucks jackpot.

Elmer was a simple fellow who believed in living sensibly. He bought himself an entry-level family auto, and a recliner chair. He gave some money to his family, and banked the rest so as to live off the interests. This is a great lesson on stretching wealth by pacing it so it endures.

The Day that Elmer’s Persistence Paid Out a Second Time

Elmer Sherwin continued to enjoy playing the megabucks slots after he settled in Las Vegas. Good health favoured him, and so did luck. He visited the Cannery Casino Hotel in 2005, aged 92, and won another $21 million playing his favourite game. While waiting for the five-hour verification process all he asked for was a hot dog.

Elmer’s secret sauce was persistence. He knew that gaming consistently increases the odds of winning. He said, ‘I have been lucky all my life. When I go in to play a machine, I know people sit down and expect to lose. I go in and expect to win’. So what we can learn from this? Attitude played humbly can be a winner, and it sometimes is.