The ‘Lucky Man from Rampart’ Who Gave It All Away

The Rampart Casino is popular among locals in the Summerlin area of Las Vegas, being set in pleasant grounds. Its facilities include twenty-two gaming tables, and over twelve hundred slots in fifty thousand square feet of playing space. It also runs a book on sports events, and has two lounges for relaxation.

The Good News Story of the ‘Lucky Man from Rampart’14720029558_f22276cf41_b

The gent, who asked to remain anonymous, had just enjoyed Sunday lunch with a friend from out of town. The afternoon was getting cooler and they were looking for indoor entertainment. The friend suggested stopping by at the Rampart Casino for a flutter, even though neither of them were regular players. For a while, they just walked around admiring all the action.

Then they played the slots to brush up on their memory (and likely experimented with the odd tweak here and there). When he was feeling confident, the ‘lucky man from Rampart’ popped twenty dollars into the slot, and pushed the button. The rest is history as the room lit up, the music became louder, and management gathered around to congratulate him on winning $14.25 million dollars.

What Happened With the Money the ‘Lucky Man from Rampart’ Won

A few heart-stopping hours followed while technicians checked the slot machine, and the casino’s general manager Michael Gaughan went through the legal formalities with the winner. He commented he was especially pleased the jackpot went to a local fellow. ‘It just does not get any better than this’, he added later.

The ‘Lucky Man from Rampart’ later announced his intention to give all the money away to local charities and his church. The latter had been meeting in a gymnasium but he figured it was time for something better. So everyone won playing the slots at Rampart Casino that day. And that’s just the way an afternoon of gaming ought to end.