Slot Machine Pays A Lady from Oahu, Hawaii – Big Time

Penny slot machines are a dime a dozen in Las Vegas, and democraticised the game of fortunes. The earliest ones appeared in New York in 1891, and soon became popular in pubs. There were no cash payouts in those days though. However, a good poker hand could win you a pint of beer or a cigar.

Nowadays of course, the situation is entirely different. Folk are regularly taking large sums home with them after spending just a few dollars in glittering casinos. Every week the list of instant millionaires just keeps on growing. Take the $10,777,270.51 win at the Wynn Las Vegas on August 21, 2016 as one example.

The Intriguing Story of the Lady from Oahu, Hawaiiplaying-cards-1201258_960_720

The island of Oahu in the Hawaii cluster was once the domain of mighty monarchs, although nowadays tourists rule the place. That is about all we know about the Lady from Oahu, Hawaii as she chose to be anonymous after her staggering win. The machine she chose at approximately 9PM that Sunday night was a Megabucks Wynn Wheel slot accepting only $3 bets.

The particular machine was made to order for Vegas casino magnate, Steve Wynn, and featured his portrait on the screen. It is just as well it did not pay out in coins. Or else the woman might have had a problem surfacing from under such a momentous pile! The State of Hawaii shared her fortune, as it levies 11% tax on all casino winnings.

The Lady’s Win is By No Means the Biggest Ever

Although impressive, and the stuff of dreams, the Lady from Oahu, Hawaii may have broken the casino bank, but not the record books. That accolade belongs to a software engineer aged 25 from Los Angeles, California. He received $39,710,826.36 in March 2003 off a $100 bet at the Excalibur Resort.