Finding Answer To Who Really Is Satoshi Nakamoto?

Though bitcoins are very famous and popular, there has always been a question of who created the complicated protocol of this cryptocurrency. Though we only have assumed the name of the unknown person to be Satoshi Nakamoto, do we know who really is Satoshi Nakamoto? There are a number of theories that help us find the answer to the question. We do not even know if it is one person or a big group that handled the bitcoins.
Nakamoto and bitcoins
Nakamoto proposed the decentralized transaction approach which was the reason for the creation of blockchains in the field of bitcoins. He has become very popular but nobody knows who he is. it is very well known that Satoshi Nakamoto owns more than a million bitcoins. The net worth of the bitcoins value Nakamoto had was estimated to 6.5 billion dollars. There are a number of assumptions on who really is Satoshi Nakamoto? The acronym of Satoshi Nakamoto is said to be Samsung, TOSHIba, NAKAmuchi and MOTOrola. There are even many beliefs that Satoshi left bitcoins as the coding and the managing of the bitcoins became very difficult and there were fewer chances of development if he is still involved. There are also many beliefs that he is involved but using a different pseudonym. Though there are many such beliefs, there is no proper proof of what Nakamoto is doing.
Right now, there is no answer to the question ‘who really is Satoshi Nakamoto?’. We just go by theories and beliefs. There are also many Satoshi Nakamoto merchandises like a t-shirt that says “I am Satoshi Nakamoto”. With bitcoins value increasing at a very great extent and quickly, the search for the answer to this question may get bigger. Nakamoto was only active till December 2010. The question never had a proper answer and still does not have one.