Builder Wins Grosvenor Ace King Suited Side Bet

The sleepy university town of Coventry in England conjures up thoughts of young men in straw hats, or polling women down the river in flat bottom punts. The Ricoh Arena football stadium is the venue for more exciting entertainment. It has year-round concerts, an exhibition hall, a hotel, and a casipoker-1024820_960_720no.

This local gaming magnet belongs to the nationwide Grosvenor organisation. To add more thrills, it added three jackpots to its side-bet game, each of which has a minimum pot of 10,000 British pounds. This not enough to buy a one-bedroom flat in Coventry, but it is progressive and it accumulates to where it might.

How the Grosvenor Ace King Suited Side Bet Works

The player engages in a game of Blackjack with the dealer. The gamer stands a chance of scooping the Ace King Jackpot with a minimum $10,000 prize by adding a side bet. The odds are demanding. The value accumulates until some fortunate person wins.

To qualify for the mega jackpot the player must draw the blackjack game with the dealer. So far so good, but the added challenge is both parties must be holding an Ace and a King from the same suit at that moment. That moment came for a Coventry builder on August 25, 2016. The lucky lad scooped a £111,698.26 jackpot prize!

Coventry Grosvenor Manager Applauds the Event

Large wins and generous prizes are part of casino marketing strategy. Lady Luck dictates them. Besides, without them why would people want to play? In this instance, the casino general manager told the media, ‘We are delighted to have a jackpot winner with our new progressive side bet’.

The excitement that this inspires attracts a surge of new players to the gambling hall, and this is good for business. The builder was either a modest, or a sensible person, or a bit of both. Only the casino and the taxman know his name: and they both know how to keep a secret.