Ashley Revell One of Gaming’s Great Success Stories

Ashley Revell had a relatively unexciting life in Great Britain until he doubled his money at Las Vegas. The weather being what it is, outside of work his main interests were playing roulette and poker anywhere it was warm and dry. Along the way, he became something of a roulette expert, although back in 2004 the big money was definitely not in Maidestone, Kent.

A Young Man in Search of Fame and Fortuneroulette-298029_960_720

At age 33, Ashley Revell was still young and unencumbered. He decided there was more to life than living in a terraced house. He chose to cash in all his belongings – including his spare clothes – and head for fame and fortune at the Plaza Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada on the spin of a roulette wheel.

Ashley chose his venue well. The Plaza is one classy place with over a thousand rooms and suites, plus an 80,000 square foot casino. After he mentioned the idea to his mates, one thing did lead to another though. So by the time he boarded an airplane for Nevada he was in the company of his mates, their mates, their families, and a television film crew!

Fortune Favoured a Bold Ashley Revell

Most other folks might have felt cowed by all the attention, but not our Ashley. He lost a few dollars playing poker, before heading for the roulette wheel with $135,000 to play. He was planning to put everything on the black, but switched to red at the last minute for some reason he never fully figured out. The ball stopped on red seven. Ashley was now worth $270,000, and oh, boy, did those television cameras roll.

Becoming a renowned gambling genius, and featuring in several television shows and movies, did not put Ashley’s head into a roulette spin. Not at all! Despite making snap decisions at Vegas, he proved his business acumen later… With an online poker website.